The big language course check - The Winner: Berlitz

We did the big language course check! Berlitz won the 1st prize - under 30 language schools.

The on-site language schools differ in their offers widely, as well. There are large differences in the size of the language courses offered (Intense courses, evening courses, etc.). Some language schools are verified, some are not. There are language schools that have one permanent establishment and there are other language schools that have establishments all over Germany. If you start your courses at a rather large language school, you will have no problems moving to another city and still visiting the same course. A further aspect to definitely mention is the price-service ratio. Of course, we also analyzed the learning methods for forming our opinion.

  • many locations within Germany
  • relatively cheap prices
  • small groups and classes
  • all important kinds of courses
  • many language schools everywhere in Germany
  • offers all kinds of courses
  • various language levels
  • small groups
  • well experienced professors
  • cheap courses
  • though, prices vary in the different locations
  • has locations everywhere in Germany
  • does not offer accomodations