How can I help?

Elizabeth Green is not only interested in matching skilled Young Professionals and companies. We are also interested in a profound and durable partnership with you. The solution approaches have to be as complex as the actual challenge Europe is facing and that’s where we need your help. There are various possibilities of supporting us and you alone choose the extent of it.


1. Elizabeth Green e.V. member

Do you want to be actively involved in the process of shaping and implementing our ideas? Then we are more than happy to welcome you as a club member of Elizabeth Green. Individuals, as well as companies, can join Elizabeth Green e.V. in order to make an important personal contribution for improving the occupational mobility within Europe. You can download the membership application here!

2. Financial support

Do you want to support us financially? Then we want to thank you cordially for your donation. You can choose whether you wish to donate regularly or if you want to support a single project of Elizabeth Green. We guarantee an efficient use of your donation!  90% of the funds will be exclusively spent on our cause and the implementation of our work. The remaining 10% will be spent on administrative costs and work material. You can donate here!

3. Partnerships

We are constantly looking for partners in the following institutions: chambers of commerce, employment agencies, language schools, job search portals, housing associations, chanceries, notaries, and many, many more. We are looking for organisations that support the cause of our organisation. By becoming a partner, you help Elizabeth Green, with whom you simultaneously help to enhance equality of opportunities and European integration. As a non-profit organisation, we depend on partnerships that enable us to implement all of our ideas. If you can support us, contact us!

4. Transfer of knowledge/ networks

Of course, we would also be glad if you supported us with your knowledge, experience or networks. Become a non-material supporter by consulting us on different projects, such as providing legal advice services. The co-operation with you will enable us to implement more of our ideas and particular projects in order for Elizabeth Green to constantly enlarge its sphere of activities. If you can support us, contact us!