German language courses

Learning German – but where and how? We did a large comparison of language schools for you. This comparison amongst language schools in Germany comprises aspects such as the price of courses, sites, learning effects and the size of the courses. We further compared online language schools. Now you have a broad overviews of the best offers!

You want to learn German on-site and save money?

We cooperate with the winner of our language school comparison (the Goethe institute). Use the registration form provided by us and you get a 5% discount on each language course. You can save up to 100€ per language course.

You want to learn German online and save money?

We also cooperate with the second in place of the language school comparison, Lingorilla. For each subscription you get a 10% discount. If you use your mobile often, we recommend you the app “Babbel”, with which you can learn German easily.